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Welcome to JW AUDIT CO.,LTD.

5 room 103 1st floor Pracharradbumphen 12 Pracharradbumphen rd.
Huaykhwang Subdistrict Huaykhwang district Bangkok Thailand 10320

Telephone 02 690-2656 or 02 691-1202
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     Company Profile

JW AUDIT CO.,LTD.: our firm was established on 2002 with the specific aim to assist the small to medium - size owned /managed local businesses in Thailand with their financial management. Please to learn more our company profiles ,We hope you will trust with our service.

JW AUDIT CO.,LTD.: is a unique quality consulting firm in accounting, auditing ,Tax planning and accounting system. We are a dynamic company that focus on assisting growing companies with their accounting, bookkeeping and Tax planning needs. Our staffs offer extensive quality service according to required laws, the revenue code and the accounting standard with the international service standard.

Accounting Service
Our services are designed to meet your various needs as your business grows .Today, We have many customer around Bangkok now rely on Accountings service to help them achieve business success.
Our accounting approach is based on understanding of accounting standard (both Thai standard and International standard). Monthly accounting closing is necessary for management purpose. Our teams are well prepared for all size of clients and segment of business. Accounting outsourcing reduces your administration expense and increase the corrective of financial report. The provision of a range of accounting and general bookkeeping services, including:

  • Accounting outsourcing monthly and accounting closing
  • Monthly accounting reviewing
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Prepare all financial report
  • Complete bookkeeping services.
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger Maintenance.
  • Comprehensive financial statements and management reports.
  • Maintain payroll and related functions.
  • Prepare month-end financial reports.
  • Account reconciliation.


  • Accounting closing are correctly and timely recorded
  • Any accounting issue are correctly found and solve on time
  • Reduce your administration expense

Tax Service
We go beyond matters of Tax compliance and work with our clients on an ongoing basis to maximize tax saving opportunities while minimizing tax liabilities regarding to the revenue code .Tax planning is an essential element of the Tax preparation process. As a part of your overall business strategy. Tax matter is not difficult to understand and make it correct. Make it correct according to the tax regulations smooth your business and plan your tax liabilities in the future. Our tax services are;

  • Monthly tax filing
  • Consulting local tax issues
  • Tax planning
  • Preparing and filing corporate income tax


  • Any tax issues are correctly solved on time
  • Monthly relevant tax are correctly filed
  • Corporate income tax are correctly and timely filed
  • Save tax expense by understanding tax regulations and use the benefit from regulations

Auditing Service
We have efficiency audit staff, resources and procedures to provide the means for our professionals to deliver high-quality audit services. In delivering these services we adhere to the highest standards of independence, professional objectivity and technical excellence.


Auditor Name Mr Wirot Jainuknan have an
Audit background from big 4 audit firm. More than 5 year

Audit of financial report
We will assess your internal financial controls to result in better planning for the future of your business.

Our focus is on understanding the important transaction cycles affecting your business.

We employ the most advanced auditing techniques to assist in analyzing the components of your financial statements

Whatever the size of company, wherever you operate in the world, we tailor our service to your immediate and longer term needs. We believe in continual renewal in the field of audit technology, and our goal is to provide the same level of service to satisfy your needs. Provision of statutory audit services for clients requiring an audit under the Corporations Law or other relevant legislation. Our audit approach is risk based; however, this approach is not used to avoid conducting appropriate audit procedures. Rather, we gain a through understanding of your business to focus audit procedures where risk is the greatest. As no clients are excluded from this process and all our auditors use the same audit approach, we are able to deliver a highly effective audit efficiently
We can prepare reports to comply make Thai, us as International GAAP as regard by client needs
Special Requirement Audits
Provision of audit services for organizations with special reporting requirements. for example:

  • Associations Chambers of Commerce
  • Non Government Organizations
  • Representation Offers
  • Joint Venture

Internal Audits
Provision of an internal audit function, either on a one-off or recurring basis, for organizations of all types.

Business legal service
We assist you how to deal with the government authority, how to work with the business laws or how you can have your own business.

  • Company set up
  • Review contract
  • Changing the information with the government unit ; increasing capital, change the registered address etc.

Financial Consulting
We use our financial understanding to create visible value for customers in terms of strategy as well as implementation.

  • Performance measurement
  • Cash flow analyze
  • Forecast budget
  • Etc.

Referred Clients : Our international clients for audit such as:

  • Launch Tech ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd.,Auto code (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., Chemical in healthcare Co., Ltd. Machine technology Thailand.Than Thai I Co.,Ltd Inva international School
  • More than 100 company

Our Thai clients for auditing of last year about a hundred companies in various business such as the manufacturing, the construction, the service, the advertising, and the logistic companies.
Our focus clients are foreign companies, which our abilities on English speaking is influent. We provide high standard service and English reports





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Ţ 5 ͧ 103 1 »Ъɮ 12 Ъɮ ǧ¢ҧ ࢵ¢ҧ ا෾ 10320

5 room 103 1st floor Pracharradbumphen 12 Pracharradbumphen rd. Huaykhwang Subdistrict Huaykhwang district Bangkok Thailand 10320
Tel: 662 690-2656 , 662 691-1202 ,
086 001-2999


contract: Mr Wirot Jainuknan
CPA Thailand
www. jw-audit.com

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5 room 103 1st floor Pracharradbumphen 12 Pracharradbumphen rd. Huaykhwang Subdistrict Huaykhwang district Bangkok Thailand 10320
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